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You may even feel you have never exercised before and want to have a lifestyle change . There is never a better time to start than as today !

There is a common misconception that you are too old to exercise or it could hurt you.

Exercise helps in a variety of illnesses and can increase your well-being and way of life. The best thing to do is to start today and work on a goal to have a fitter body. Exercise has shown to help in depression and also reduce high blood pressure and relieve aches and pains on the joints. For all of us who want to look younger and feel much better , exercise is the best way to go.

Take it easy at the start, (if you are out of shape.) It is easy to feel discouraged at the start.

Robbie will show you in simple steps how to build up to a manageable training plan to help you.

We start with an exercise program that is Safe , has the right form and can be expanded on.

“Small exercise goals” can have a huge impact on your overall health , Each week we focus on achievable goals that make you feel better about yourself.


Are you ready to make the change , feel fitter , stronger , more energetic

Robbie was fit and active when he was young , playing hockey and sailing every week , fitness was never an issue and life was good. Somewhere along the way , the years started creeping up and so did the extra weight. Becoming older and less active saw the health starting to suffer. The bones and joints started to ache,and becoming tired more easily and more often. The overall weight then increased to over 118kgs. A big shock to the system came when looking in the mirror , seeing the old beer gut appear and no muscle definition , was this it , where did I go so wrong? A trip to the Doctor and some simple tests were done , Rob came to the realisation that it was time to get fit again.

Robbie went on a very simple but effective training programme , nothing like an elite athlete but using the best exercises that were around. Over a short amount of time the fitness started to improve and people started to notice , not only the drop in the kgs but the more healthier look on life.

Could getting fit be that easy ?

The next decision came when it was time to help other do the same and help others take back control of their lives.

A determined and focused training was undertaken to become a PT. Having extensive experience in helping clients, this was the best thing he could do to help other people become more fit and healthy. Fit Baby Boomers was now under way and the clients are flooding in and seeing outstanding results already.

Best of all Rob can show you how you can still eat chocolate, have a coffee and the occasional cheat meal and still achieve your goals.

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