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How to get fit with ‘’Fit Baby Boomers” ?

Aug 14, 2020

How to get fit with ‘’Fit Baby Boomers” ?

Who doesn’t want to look fit and beautiful? Fitness is also a part to keep your body healthy. Working out at home might not give you satisfactory results, especially those who are lazy and irregular. But the question is how to get fit then? Nowadays staying fit is everyone’s cup of tea. With ‘’Fit Baby Boomers” you will get to see the real-time result with proper guidance under expert eyes.  

Before you start there are few things you need to keep in your mind. There is a phrase called ‘no pain, no gain’, you need to focus on your goal until you reach it. Here in ‘Fit Baby Boomers’ you will get customized training routine as per your body shape and weight that you have to follow along with proper diet charts.

§  Starting with the functional training

Functional training is very important for everyone despite being a beginner, intermediate, or advance. It comes with flexible lifting exercises as per your body naturally. Exercises like; presses, squats, deadlift, clean, and also some basic gymnastics like dips, flips, sit-ups fall under functional training. You will definitely get beneficial throughout this training. As a result, your body muscle will build up stronger along with the respiratory and circulatory system, a variety of exercise can keep your body fit and will help you to lose weight, reduces belly fat and will keep you in perfect shape.

§  Warming up your body

Always start with warming up your body before any exercise. It helps you to prepare your body for the next level of exercise. By doing warm-up you can increase your metabolism, improve blood circulation, and also keep your muscle lose to get tightened after certain exercises. So that no injury can take place. Warm-up can be done for 15 to 20 minutes every day or whenever you are going to start your training. Stretches like moving your hip, shoulder, foot, and wrist into a circular motion, pigeon pose, cat pose, couch stretches or you can also go for treadmill walk and stationary bike ride.

§  List of exercises

Well now let’s come to the most crucial part of your training which will help you to get and lose weight. These exercises are appropriate for a beginner as well as for an advance. Here is ‘’Fit Baby Boomer’’ we will train you with an advanced level of exercises to keep your body fit and fine. Let’s have a look on some exercises that you will get to do over here; jumping pull-ups, swing kettlebell, pull-ups, box jump, power cleans, air squats, sit-ups, back squats, pushups, burpees, bent over rows, push press, floor press, bench press, double under, front squats and many more.


So, don’t just sit back and get fat. “Fit Baby Boomer” is here to help your body bring on shape with proper fitness guidance. Consult today.