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Beginners’ Free Workout Plans at Home

Aug 24, 2020

Beginners’ Free Workout Plans at Home

If you are not getting time to go to the gym then here are some free workout plans you must follow to tone up your body. “Fit Baby Boomers” are here to help you. We have brought you some freehand exercises to build muscles and also to lose weight. This workout plan for beginners can be executed at home without any gym. Let’s have a look at these exercises and try to perform them well at home.

Doing a workout at home is always effective for beginners and it also helps you to stay fit and active. Now see there are few freehand workouts to do as per your possible attempt. Don’t push yourself on the very first day. Just let it go with the flow. Here we have given all the details of those exercises that you need to do. So, follow the procedure and get set go.

§  Goblet Squat- This workout is basically for building strength. It is very effective for thigh and arms tightening. To perform this at home you need to lower your body as much as you can and stand up. Do 12 reps with 3 sets and take one-minute rest between each set. You can use a chair if you feel unstable in the beginning.

§  High Knee Lift- This exercise is for legs to make them toned. Lift your legs towards your chest as much as possible. Each leg 12 reps with 3 sets and don’t forget to take rest for a minute between every set. It helps you not only to tone up your leg but also has a good impact on abs.

§  Lunge- This is another good workout for the whole body and stretches your muscles. Extend your one leg forward and keep your foot flat along with knee bent on the floor and another leg will bend behind. Do it for both the legs 12 reps in 3 sets. Take rest for a minute between each set.

§  Plank for beginner- Plank is one of the most effective workouts that keep your whole body toned and fit. It is also very useful to strengthen and build muscle. It’s quite tough to perform plank on the very first day. To start as a beginner, hold your body on the shoulder and knees and try to keep the core tight. Hold as long as you can.

§  Wall Press- This exercise is for the upper body to tone up your arms and strengthen your shoulder. You need to perform it against the wall; you can also use any furniture like a couch or wardrobe. Push your body towards the wall like pushups.

§  Military Pushup- The pushup is for strengthening the whole body and tightens up the muscles. Like plank it's a little tough to perform on the very go so, you can start with the beginner pushups. Keep your knee on the floor and push your body towards the floor with the help of your hands.


Try these free workout plan at home to stay healthy and fit.