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Does Your Pain Of Goal Hurt? If No, Then You Must Pinch It Harder To Get Kicked

Nov 09, 2020

Does Your Pain Of Goal Hurt? If No, Then You Must Pinch It Harder To Get Kicked

One of the best and famous quotes is – ‘No pain no gain’. Does this sound similar? Well, to be very honest nothing can be gained without any hard work and routine plans. Have you continually tried to be fit and healthy or tried the yo-yo diet? Does that little problem hurt but not enough? You should try harder or consider better options - have you trained at that gym but no one cares or you are what they call a sleeper, for example; you pay but don’t attempt the gym? How can they be a problem - does that nail hurt yet? Read on to know more.

Your goal can be anything. In fact, different people have different goals and they are trying to reach them. But are they really trying? Are their plans are effective enough to get the aim? Have you ever asked yourself what you want and how you want to work out on that? Let’s tell you a small story in this case.

Once, a man named Tom recently shifted to a new locality. There was a neighbor called Mr. Tan and he had a dog. Every day and night the dog used to howl. After shifting in that place, the man was getting a little annoyed because of the dog. Days are passing but the dog kept howling every time. Finally, Tom got very annoyed and went to Mr. Tan’s house and saw the dog sitting in the living room and howling as usual. When Tom asked Mr. Tan about the dog’s continuous howling, and then he replied that, the dog is sitting on a pin and this is the reason why he keeps howling in pain. After this shocking and unexpected reason again Tom asked, why the dog just not remove himself from that place. Mr. Tan replied with a simple expression that, the dog will keep howling until the pin hurts him more. Tom was surprised with his answer and then he left Mr. Tan’s place.’’- By Celestine Chua.

Did you get the moral of the story? Let’s explain this. The moral of the story is just about winning the pain. Take yourself to the level of pain and let’s become used to it so that no pain can make you feel afraid of or can scare you. Learn to resist the pain and one day it will go away for sure.

It may seem very nice to look at the well-shaped and fit body. But it takes a lot of time and patience with the pain to achieve the result. When you join any gym to become fit and toned the day one seems very excited, but the next day ends up with laziness and body pain. And as a result, you skip the training routine. What is the use of then? You need to trigger yourself with more effort.

Nothing is easy to get in this world. Hard work and self-motivation are the only transport which will take you to your goals and aims in life. At last, the only thing left to say, worship your significant choices because, pining the target not the thing, what matters is how closer you are to them. Join Fit Baby Boomers because; we not only train people but also provide guidance to live a better and healthy life.