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The Search to Get Fit and Healthy by a man in his 50s on the Gold Coast

Oct 12, 2022

The Search to Get Fit and Healthy by a man in his 50s on the Gold Coast

For a long time, people have been wondering how to get fit and live a satisfying lifestyle. I was one of those people who started on this journey and looked for a fitness centre near me. I was knocked over like a koala caught in the headlights of an oncoming car! Where do I go to? I started my search on gyms near me and that did not help much either.

There were all these young bodies posing for the camera on posters outside and these huge locked doors without even a welcome mat. I entered in the door like a timid door mouse and was felt like an alien on a new planet. What was all this stuff they were talking about, memberships, contracts, joining fees all I wanted was to feel better about myself. It was all a bit confusing! Was there an answer to that age old question how to get fit? Was there someone out there that would care about the over 50s? I left one gym after another disgruntled and not happy and felt depressed.

Where to next? I then looked further and what to eat. How about I just clean up the diet? that would be a great thing to do, wouldn’t it? Well, no more fast food, give up drinking dread the thought go on a diet! I was always told that diets don’t work. Look at the Australian Government have even jumped on board, remember the days of Norm! The “Life be in it “campaign? That has all changed and now you have the so called Australian dietary guidelines that they put out and do not give you much leeway to have some fun things – well at least you get a nice magnet to put on your fridge to remind but it goes a long way from helping you become fit and healthy.

This was hard, everyone wants to get healthy, they know it is the best they can do for themselves, but nobody wants to do the work. Well let’s look at some not so good stats. As a male in Australia, I was faced with some bad news if I did not change things, these avoidable issues could arise, hip issues, knee issues, cancer, diabetes, heart attack just to name a few. Well, you know the old saying, if you want something done right, then you have to do it yourself and that is what I did.

I become one of the best personal trainers on the gold coast. This started Fit Baby Boomers and this business is now changing lives of people over the age of 45 in the gold coast. Well, I still train people of other ages as well, but I specialise in injuries and disabilities. My name is Robbie Seymour, and I am the head coach. I have already changed the lives of countless people on the gold coast and looking at expanding across Australia with At Home Personal Trainers. No more going to the gym, working out in the comfort of your own home, no lock in contracts, no embarrassment and feeling better overall.