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Arthritis And Aching Bones Don’t Have To Keep You In Pain All Day Long There Is An Answer

Oct 18, 2022

Arthritis And Aching Bones Don’t Have To Keep You In Pain All Day Long There Is An Answer

“The pain greatly reduced from feeling like The Tin Man in Alice in Wonderland to stretching like Reed Richards in The Fantastic Four, I could move again and even get off the couch with no pain!” This is an actual comment given to me while training.

Let me explain.

A client approached me a year ago about the benefits of personal training because they have nagging and relenting pain from arthritis in the hip region and the sacroiliac joint. For the non-scientific people out there, we are talking about the lower back that most people over the age of 40 complain about.

Waking up each morning she felt like Tin Man and found it hard to move, even getting out of bed was not a fantastic thing to do. After looking through injury guidelines and assistance she found Fit Baby Boomers and found the little-known secret that many well-tuned athletic people use even at Olympic level.

After only a couple of sessions a huge improvement was seen, more flexibility was seen throughout the hip joint and the pain has been a lot less after training. The client has succeeded with the guide to injury and illness prevention program that was personalised to her condition. Just imagine more flexibility through the hip region and overall better fitness from this unique way of training and best of all it only takes a short 40mins session to get you on your way.

But before I get ahead of myself, I should give you a clearer picture of what the potential of personal training can have. Please let me explain, muscles don’t respond only to heavy weight, they also respond to stretching on a consistent schedule. This ensures all the tendons and muscles are warm and stretched ready for more exercise. In fact, doing stretching does also burn calories and help lose weight. There are many benefits of training, but injuries and joint problems can respond well to training and costs a lot less than surgery or costly medicines. Arthritis as seen in this client is a cruel and crippling disease that affects a lot of the older generation, but don’t get me wrong, arthritis can affect the younger generation as well. If you suffer from this or have any other injuries, you will be surprised on how well they can be helped with the correct training program. These options are available to you to ease the pain and are only a phone call away so call Robbie Seymour Personal Trainer on 0412324576 to help or fill out the form at