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From Fat to Fit- Stay Motivated With These Tips to Reach Your Goal

Oct 10, 2020

From Fat to Fit- Stay Motivated With These Tips to Reach Your Goal

People want to become healthy and keep scrolling the search results. For example- how to get fit fast? They scroll, they find but at the end of the day, they finished up with doing nothing and keep imagining themselves into a good dress. It is widely accepted that people need the motivation to start something good and somehow they also need to push themselves at some point to reach their goals. Today at Fit Baby Boomer get in touch with few tips that will not only motivate you but also will help you to reach your goal. Even you can go through the given motivational books as well. Apart from these here are some tips to find out your workout goal.

First set your goals- it is very important to feel confident and strong from inside to achieve something. So, if your goal is to become fit then set your routine first according to your present condition. For example, if you are 90 kg, aim for at least 70kg. The general goal is ready. Now you need to push yourself for the next routine.

The 21 days challenge- Take the goal as a challenge. Research says, if you do something routinely for 21 days it becomes you’re after it. So, what you need is; try not to break the challenge and let it become your habit, because, once it will be the habit rest the things will automatically fall into the place.

The next is switch to a healthy diet – If you want to beat the challenge start it by doing small things. For example, avoid eating oily or junk foods. Set your diet chart and follow it. In the middle of the time if you are lacking from motivation then get your nutrition guidance from us. It will positively help you to boost up your inner inspiration.

Start doing simple workouts- If you are not feeling ready to join a gym then start with some freehand exercise and if you are searching for ‘how to get fit at home’ then Fit baby Boomer has the solution for you, because, we provide the workout plans for home as well. So, continue with your workouts and get fit.

Start being punctual – To start any workout routine, time management is necessary. Set the specific time for the workout and make it happen. Do not forget the 21 days challenge to complete. Stay inspired and look up to your aim.

Sticky notes play as power boosters- Maybe it sounds weird, but it does work. Write some of the inspirational messages or notes and stick them to the places where you visit more often. Like, on the fridge door.  It will help you keep yourself indulge in the routine.

One more thing to add is, keep your phone in the other room while working out because; it can be the reason for distraction. Find a good place to do your regular exercise and maintain your diet as well. Listen to the influencers’ speeches and don’t lose hope.