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Poor Nutrition Habit and Their Consequences You Should Know

Oct 16, 2020

Poor Nutrition Habit and Their Consequences You Should Know

To be very precise most of the illness and sickness arises from bad diet. Let’s not say this diet rather than bad food habit. There are a lot of different food items available in the market for say; frozen foods, readymade foods, fast foods etc. Everyday many people are eating these types of food without knowing their further complications. On top of that lack of healthy diet causes many health issues. In this section there will be descriptive information regarding the pitfalls of poor nutrition. See what are they and start switching to the healthy ones.

You gain weight- Eating high calorie foods for a long time will cause gaining the weight if you do not look for reducing the calories down. After a certain period of time it will become a habit and will be hard to change it for the healthy concern. This is why avoid consuming high calorie and oily foods unless you burn them down by doing certain workouts. Though, it is still not good for your health.

Nutrients shortfalls- Consuming more numbers of unhealthy fats will degrade the level of nutrients in your body and will create various health sicknesses due to lack of good nutrients, vitamins and minerals. To improve the condition more amount of healthy food that are enriched with vitamin and minerals are high priority.

Bunch of negative impacts- Different foods will have different impact on the body and health. For say; more sugar or carbohydrate will case tooth ache, diabetics; the oily foods will have a very bad effect while arising high cholesterol and blood pressure; even eating disorder. As a result the non-balanced unhealthy diet will end up with overweight condition along with chronic depression.

Affects the digestive system- Not maintaining proper diet will let your stomach suffer a lot. The excess oily food will create an oily coated wall inside the stomach and the result will end up by creating gastric and acidity problem which will affect the digestion system. The improper digestion will lead to have skin issues like; acnes, dullness even the overall health can be degrade widely. It’s not that to avoid the oily and fried food permanently but to maintain a balance is necessary. 

Lack in sleeping- A healthy diet and routine exercise will give a sound sleep no doubt. But in case of bad nutritive choice can really affect your sleeping hours mostly consuming more foods and drinks that are loaded with sugar. Sometimes it can be worse for resulting headaches and insomnia as well.

Reduces immunity- Every people has their own immune system but the capacity varies from person to person. The immunity can be increased by eating good food enriched with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. The more immunity is there, the lesser illness will arise. The poor nutrition can lead to lowering down the immunity system and the strength of doing heavy works. It is a bad sign of an unhealthy body.

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