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Fit Baby Boomers | Aging and the Immune System

Jan 01, 2021

Fit Baby Boomers | Aging and the Immune System


Today’s topic is one of the most concerned topics, about Immunity. It is very natural that the immunity will degrade as you age. The immune system is meant to be protecting us from the unnecessary viruses by building the antibodies. But with the aging the performance of the immune system starts decreasing. In this section, I am going to tell you how regular exercise and healthy nutrients and food habit can beat the virus effects and build the immune system stronger. Yes, you heard right, it is possible to bring back the immune system’s performance.

Hey This Robbie Seymour from Fit Baby Boomers, one of the best fitness clubs in Gold Coast, Robina and North Hill drive and today I will tell you how you can boost your immune system especially the older adults. The first reason is doing regular exercise and the second one is healthy food habits.

Let’s start with the exercise benefits to boost your immune system.

Regular workouts

§  We start losing the immunity right with age because; at the young phase we do lot of work and also stay active for every purpose. The metabolism range is also high at this moment. But the more you age you lose strength and the metabolism range also falls down so as the immunity. Following a fixed workout routine will positively boost up you immunity by bringing back the metabolism. The more antibodies the safer you are.

§  Doing regular exercise reduces the inflammation, to push the immune system’s performance as well. Now you know why routine exercises should be in high priority.

Another necessity is about the healthy diet. See, how it can increase the immunity performance.

Healthy diet

§  Foods like, fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs are enriched with high vitamins and minerals that provide necessary nutrients to your body to boost the immune system stronger.

§  Healthy diet also keeps you blood pure and reduces unnecessary skin diseases as well. At Fit Baby Boomers you will get the expert nutritionists who will guide you by giving quality and personalize diet plans according to your age and restrictions.

Lastly, if you really want to focus for health and fitness then find your healthy corner at Fit Baby Boomers and find a personal trainer in Gold Coast. Stay healthy and be fit over 40. It is possible at Fit Baby Boomers because, everyone deserves a healthier life to live.