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Older Adults | How Exercise Can Improve Their Mental Health

Dec 28, 2020

Older Adults | How Exercise Can Improve Their Mental Health


The feelings and thoughts of become lonely or falling sick are very normal nowadays. But, if it lasts long then it is a big problem and a sensitive issue in fact. When someone thinks about the negative thoughts all the time he or she might get depressed. According to the research, 80 percent of older adults suffer from severe depression and anxiety. Regular exercise boosts up the metabolism and creates energy inside your body and keeps the mind fresh and welcomes positive vibes. The most common reason for depression is dependency. As people age, they become weak not only physically but financially as well.

 If you watch your surroundings, you will find a group of people who are suffering from uncertainty and insecurity at the same time, because, they don’t earn now, they are weak and they have no friends to revive their own mental health which is a big issue and cannot be neglected.

I am Robbie Seymour and today I will be making you understand the connection between exercise and mental health which should be the utmost priority with aging. I am here to provide you quality and well-planned workout routine if you want o to be fit over 40. I will explain each and every benefit of a workout that is surrounded by the mental health of older adults or seniors.

But before everything, let’s focus on the key reasons for depression among older adults.

§  Health issues- With aging eventually different health issues arises and thinking of the life span holding such sicknesses, the old ones get anxious and become depressed, that is very natural.

§  Lack of social engagement – After a certain age, we lost friends because they also get busy with their own life and on top of that the uncertain life span. Gradually their social engagement lacks and loses friends. As a result, isolation occurs. This is another reason for getting depressed.

§  The peak time (retirement) - It is very hard to handle a situation where you don’t get to work and earn as well and this is happening to every single senior and they started lacking financially and has to depend on others for survival. Meanwhile, their expenses become limited so as their need.

§  Fear of death- One of the most common reasons for depression is fear of death, especially if anyone of the same age dies. While in depression they do not feel well and stay sad most of the time instead of being positive. Because to be in a positive and happy mood they need purpose.

As you can see the above reasons are regarding the reasons for depression. Now let’s clean up all the negativity and do something positive and energetic. Watch out for the benefits of workouts that can really bring happiness to your life. Will give a new way of living and seeing the good corners of life. If you ask me, I will say, ‘’If the health is good everything will go well’’. 

Exercise and mental health

§  Doing regular exercise will burn your extra calories and bad fat which will promote a night of good sound sleep. If you sleep well the health issues recover faster than you can imagine.

§  It boosts up the energy level inside your body and keeps your mind fresh and active to do something out of the box. You feel fit and that will motivate you to live better and to love yourself.

§  Regular exercise maintains the blood pressure and reduces joint pain and other aches.

§  Strengthen your body muscles and improves the digestive system which causes an increase in appetite.

§  It also helps to balance the chemicals inside the brain that will promote the secretion of the good hormone to make you feel good, positive, and well enough.

§  Doing exercise in a group will increase social engagement and you can have friends to share your thoughts.

See, there are a bunch of advantages of doing regular exercises. Apart from this another tension I can solve which about earning. If you are retired and want to stay healthy but no way to earn, then straight contact Fit Baby Boomers, the best fitness club in Robina, Gold Coast, North Hill drive. Rest of the matter, I will take care of them. Think healthy, stay fit.