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Target Your Lower Abs with These Workouts

Oct 27, 2020

Target Your Lower Abs with These Workouts

In case you are targeting to get a fit and toned lower abs you must go for these magical exercises to have a fit and lean belly.  Generally, we do our regular exercise and keep ourselves fit and fine. But what if you target your different body arms and try something specific workouts to gain toned lower abs. At Fit Baby Boomer you will get personalized workout plans for a healthy and toned up body. So, stop worrying about how to get fit and join us for a better result.

People who are obese need a lot of time to become lean and toned. At the same time, everything takes time to gain. So, you have to continue them regularly and stay motivated as well. Now have a look at these exercises you need to perform either at home or at the gym.

Here is how to lose belly fat-

 The reverse crunches

The reverse crunches work like magic if you do it on a regular basis to increase the quality of your lower abs and make them toned as well. To do this you will need a yoga mat. Now follow the steps as given.

§  First, lie on the mat and make sure your body is straight. Take both of your hands either beside your waste or behind the head.

§  Now, combine your legs by lifting and stretch them in the anti-gravity direction and again bring them back but don’t touch the surface.

§  Keep continuing this as many reps you need or pined up by your trainer.

It attacks your lower abs to make them stronger and toned. You must add this exercise to your regular workout routine.

The leg lifting

One of the great and effective exercises to have toned lower abs is leg lift extension. It may seem very easy but hard as well. To perform this again you will need a yoga mat to perform this. The process of doing this is as follows.

§  Take the mat and lie down on it.

§  Keep your hands beside you or behind your head, whichever comfortable.

§  Now, lift your legs up and take them down and hold them on a ‘V’ shape and keep continuing.

You can do the reps as per your preference or need. By doing this exercise the mind will be determined, and the result will fall into not only on lower abs but also the thighs as well.

The mountain climber

Talking about one of the best workouts and it is here. 

Mountain climbing is one of the best lower abs exercises that will help you not only to improve the lower abs but also the overall body performances. It is very simple to do.  Instead of taking your foot forward and backward does it in a different way to gain toned abs. the process is given below.

§  Bend on the ground depending on the arms.

§  Now, move your feet forward and backward just to pretend you are climbing the ranges.

If you are wondering about how to get skinny then contact Fit Baby Boomers. Why? Because it does not only provide you workout plans but also expert trainers and on top of that the motivation.